This is your invitation to Awaken to your the Outrageous Love.

What does an Outrageous Lover do?

Are you ready to play a larger game? Are you ready to participate in the evolution of love? If you are, then you have to answer one question: Who are you?

You are an irreducibly unique expression of the love-intelligence, the love-beauty, that initiated and animates all of reality. You’re an irreducibly unique expression, constellation, configuration of love-intelligence that lives in you, as you, and through you.

That means that when you awaken to your identity as a unique expression of love, then love itself, awakens. When you evolve to your highest consciousness, when you evolve to your deepest most powerful love expression, then love itself, evolves. How do you access that? How do you find that? Prayer is a beautiful practice but it won’t always quite get you there; and meditation, an important practice, but it won’t always quite get you there either.

There’s a new practice in our generation, which is the practice of accessing outrageous love. It’s not what we may define as ordinary love. Ordinary love can be a strategy of the ego, and it is important to pay attention to the difference. Outrageous Love is source itself. Outrageous love is the evolutionary Eros. Outrageous Love is the initiating and animating Eros of all that is that lives uniquely in You, as You and through You.

The way we offer that you access that Outrageous Love is by writing, taking photos and videos committing acts of love and sharing your Outrageous Love with the world. By participating in the challenges and exploring your Outrageous Love through our practices we are offering we are supporting your unique expression of You as Outrageous Love and we want to hear, see and Love you back by sharing You with the world on Outrageous Love.

Because when you awaken to your true identity as a Unique Self, then – when you evolve, when you transform – you participate in the evolution of love!