Taste the poetry of your sense of being alive in this moment right now. This is the chance to LOVE the MOMENT OPEN!

In every moment we have the choice to be open or to be closed. In other words, we have the choice to actually love open the moment – EVERY MOMENT, or we can choose to remain closed, and the moment remains closed.

Love is the Eros that moves the Kosmos to higher and higher levels of union and embrace. Quarks are attracted to each other and they become atoms. Atoms are attracted to each other and they become molecules. Molecules are attracted to each other and they become cells. That’s love. That’s evolutionary love.

Love is not only personal or romantic. Love is also impersonal. Love is the force of the Kosmos, the evolutionary force moving between all dimensions of reality. And it moves between us as human beings.

When we stay open in love and when we LOVE THE MOMENT OPEN, something happens. Something new is born, a new reality, a new goodness is born, a NEW LOVE is formed.

We are pulsing and alive in the flow of Life!

Feel into that statement…we actually have the capacity, the choice to love the moment open! Wow!

So when we write an Outrageous Love Letter, or commit an Outrageous Act of Love, we begin to access this profound capacity to Love the moment open. We begin to connect with Love—the Love Intelligence that lives in us, as us and through us, uniquely. In the practice of feeling and expressing our Outrageous Love you are awakening and strengthening your own inner capacity to LOVE the moment open AND to fully receive and take in the awesome gift that lives in that moment. Ahhhhhh!

Step in — We’ll show you how…!